How it works


Car wash in Aberdeen

We offer an innovative, green technology car wash without water. This method allows you to save an average of 150-200litres of water compared to conventional car wash without leaving waste and dirt which efficiently protects the environment.

Detergents and wetting agents form an emulsion, which is surrounded by dirt and it seamlessly detaches from the body of car by means of organic fibers. The substance forms a protective layer, preventing pollution in their paint scratch removal. This layer gives the body a wonderful luster and permanently protects it. It provides excellent protection against harmful UV rays for 6-8weeks. It also refreshes and protects the car body against color fading from the original color. By reducing the adhesion of dirt, the car is easy to clean and provides incredible shine after service.

We guarantee great results every time after the service. Contact us for more information on our valet service.

Popular Questions

How often should I have my vehicle washed?

Some car owners wash their car daily while others don’t wash their vehicle until a stranger scratches the words, “PLEASE WASH ME”, into the pollen, dust and mud that is caked on their car’s exterior. The goal of washing your car is to keep it in excellent condition by maintaining its appearance and protecting its’ resale/trade-in value.

When should I wash off insect residue?

As soon as possible, especially if the vehicle is new. Insect residue and bird droppings form acids that start to eat away at a car's finish immediately.

What kind of car wash should I choose?

There are different types of car wash facilities that use various products. Remember to only choose those services and products that are high in quality and least damaging to the car’s surface.

Is a touchless car wash the safest?

These don't get the cars as clean, but they are far more safe than the other types of washes.

Quality of Service

Nothing looks better than a clean shiny car. Use our car cleaning tips to get that perfect car showroom finish. Avoid using products with Silicone in as they leave a greasy residue & over spray onto the pedals can be lethal. Do not polish the dashboard because this can cause glare on sunny days.

  • Wash At Home
    50 %
  • Touchless Wash
    60 %
  • Autospa Hand Wash
    85 %